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How to Choose the Right Lube

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Lube is essential for almost all sexual activities – especially manual stimulation – but selecting the right kind can be a little overwhelming.

Perhaps you have already taken a look at your local sex shop, or at online stores to see what the selection is like. I bet you were taken aback!

That is a whole lot of choice, so let’s take a minute and talk about your options. Lubricants can easily be broken down into a few categories based on ingredients.

First, the “base” of the lubricant determines how they can be used – silicone lube, for example, can’t be used with silicone toys; oil-based lubricant is not safe for use with condoms; some women are incredibly sensitive and will only be able to use lubes that are based on natural, organic ingredients.
Next, there are lubes that are best for anal sex, others that heat up or cool down, and even some with special flavors just for oral. Be sure you know what you’re getting into before going on a shopping spree.

Oil & Water

Oil based lubricants are great, especially natural ones, because the body just soaks them up and gets silky smooth. Most oil-based lubricants, unless otherwise labeled, are not condom safe. If this is your choice of birth control, move on to another selection.

Water based lubricants are the best all-around choice. Not only are they safe for condoms, but with silicone and other toys as well. They are also easy to wash out of sheets and clothing. They do tend to evaporate quickly, but a bit of saliva or a light mist of cool water will slick them back up in no time.


Silicone-based lubricants are smooth like silk and great for long lasting play, but are no good when using silicone toys and not great for oral sex. Silicone may not taste very good, but you only need a touch and it will last for hours. It is safe to use with condoms, so if you do have silicone toys, you can protect them with a latex condom or nitrile glove. If you are planning to try a bit of back door play, pick one that is nice and thick.

Au Natural

If your partner is particularly concerned about what kind of liquid love gets inside their body, or if they happen to be sensitive to parabens or other irritating ingredients in most popular lubes, you should take advantage of the growing array of natural and organic products for the conscientious buyer. If plain coconut oil won’t do, or you want something a bit slicker for longer play, these are right up your alley.

Hot, Cold And Delicious

Whether you want something that is going to warm up..., or a bit of icy gel to get things tingling,... there are options available for your delight! Tingling lubricants and gels are also great for nipple play, especially if they are edible.

Flavored lubes are obviously best for a bit of oral play, but be very careful. Many of these lubes contain irritants or sugars that can cause a yeast infection if they get inside a woman's vagina, so if you use them on female genitals, be sure to only put a drop on her clitoris.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

It’s Called a Break-up ‘Cause it’s Broken

Let’s face it: It doesn’t matter if you are the initiator or on the receiving end, break-ups can be tough. But fret not, Passion Diva, it doesn’t have to be all bad. Think of it as a favor from the universe to you and use this opportunity to become even stronger than we know you already are! Feeling hopeless still? These tips will help you get back on track and on the road to recovery.

Give yourself time to feel bad.
Maybe it seems like you need to put on a brave face for everyone or you feel like you don’t have a right to be sad. Whatever the reason, give yourself some much needed time to mope. Just because the person you were with wasn’t blood, doesn’t mean the connection wasn’t there at some point and you need to allow yourself to mourn that. Here’s the caveat though: Give yourself a set window of time to feel bad. Sure, you could wallow in your sorrows for a few weeks but think about all the great stuff you will miss. Set a time frame (such as a week) and do whatever it is you need to do emotionally during that time. Cry, eat some ice cream, and watch romantic movies, whatever! At the end of that time period though, it’s time to put the tissues away and decide you’re going to move on and take strides to be happy and go on to the next step….

Don’t talk about your ex constantly.
We all have a tendency to romanticize someone once they are gone and that tends to make us talk about them all the time. On the flip side, you might be so bitter over someone who wronged you deeply that you just need to vent to everyone you have contact with. Don’t get us wrong, your friends are there to help you through hard times but make sure you’re giving their poor ears a break after awhile. Besides, remember the old adage, “Out of sight, out of mind”? This applies to your speech too.  Stop talking about someone and you might just magically wake up someday and realize that you’re over it.

Take up a new hobby or invest yourself in an old one.
Remember all those things you used to do before you got into a relationship or that new thing you’ve been meaning to try? Now is the time to discover and rediscover those passions! Take the time to throw yourself into something you love and make it yours. When you do something you enjoy, it helps take your mind off the stresses of external life. Take the time you would have spent with your ex and start devoting it to your business or learning a new skill. You’d be surprised how you will grow in your adopted hobby and it might even yield some new friends, as well as rich experiences.
A break-up doesn’t have to be the end of the world. If anything, it’s an opportunity to shine and grow into a better person, as well as learn from your past so you can have a better future!

10 Fascinating Sex Facts

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Think you’ve heard it all when it comes to unusual sex trivia? Think again! We’re sharing our top 10 wildest sex facts to arouse your curiosity…

1.  Sex toys are as old as sex itself! The world’s oldest known sex toy was a siltstone from 30,000 years ago discovered in Germany.

2. In the Aztec culture avocados were considered so sexually powerful, virgins were restricted from contact with them. Guacamole anyone?

3. Long before Viagra, Muslim physicians and pharmacists were the first to prescribe oral medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, including drug therapy combined with diet.

4. Wonder why a vibrator is called a dildo? In Renaissance Italy, the word “diletto,” meaning, “delight,” evolved into “dildo.” The Latin “dilatare,” meaning, “to open wide” may also have had an influence on this delightful sex tool.

5. In 1902, Hamilton Beach patented the first electric vibrator available for retail sale – the fifth home appliance to be electrified, after the sewing machine, the fan, the teakettle and the toaster. Talk about technological priorities!

6. Condoms were originally made of animal intestines, oiled silk paper or linen, and were held on with a ribbon. Lucky for us the options now come in a variety of fun colours, flavours and even ribbed for her pleasure!

7. In Ancient Greece, the common slang for a blowjob was “playing the flute”. We’ll never look at music practice the same again.

8. Humans aren’t the only members of the animal kingdom that enjoy sex for fun! Bonobo chimps have been observed engaging in sexual activity, when they are not in their natural reproductive cycles, and are the only non-human animal to have been observed engaging in all of the following sexual activities: face-to-face sex, tongue kissing and oral sex.

9. The first man to discover the erogenous G-spot? That would be the German gynecologist Dr. Ernest Grafenberg, whom the sensitive area on the upper wall of the vagina is named after. G, thanks Doc!

10. Marilyn Monroe, the most celebrated sex icon of the 20th century, confessed to a friend that despite three husbands and a parade of lovers, she had never had an orgasm.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Single Men Confess The 6 Most Frustrating Aspects of Dating

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Dating advice and men's interest site TSB Magazine recently conducted a survey to find out the most frustrating aspect of dating for single men. The issue most commonly chosen as the biggest source of frustration: text messaging!

Let's break down the options and results:
  • 32% of the men in the survey said that they are confused about what to say and when to send a text, and that's the most frustrating part of trying to start a new relationship. I don't know about you, but I'm super relieved to hear that guys overanalyze this too.
  • 22% said that having a conversation with a woman and the awkwardness of the end-of-night kiss is the worst.
  • 18% said awkward first kiss situations are frustrating. I'm sort of unclear on the distinction between this and the above. I guess this is like, the kiss itself is awkward as opposed to deciding to go in for it? To which I say: Takes two to make an awkward kiss, buddy.
  • 12% said approaching women in the first place is a major cause of anxiety. We are intimidating creatures, after all.
  • 10% of men chose the times when women see them as a friend and not a love interest as the most frustrating.
  • 6% said the most annoying was when they hit it off with a woman, but then she finds someone she likes better.
Do you agree with any of the things men find frustrating? What do you think are the most frustrating aspects of dating men?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sensual Zodiac

May 21 - June 20

You were born on the most important day of the year! Sensual Zodiac reveals hidden influences about your arousal, your sexuality and your foreplay preferences. These astrological insights give you a richer, deeper understand of your sexual nature. Discover new intimate secrets about yourself as well as find the keys to your sexual happiness.

Zodiac Secrets of the Sensual Gemini Woman

You are among the people most likely to lead a double life.
Sensual Gemini women are among the most secretive and enigmatic people on earth.

Have you ever wondered what makes you as fascinating as you are?
Well for starters... when you walk into a room, you bring an elusive quality that's hard to define. Your smile is as intriguing as the Mona Lisa's and there's this amazing air of sensual mystery that surrounds you like a force field. You give the impression you are a woman of rare talents and deep insights. To others, you appear to have it all: good looks, style, confidence and an abundance of energy that keeps you looking younger and more in control than most women. 

Fresh, Fascinating, Exciting and Impulsive
Hands down, you win the Sensual Zodiac award for: "The World's Most Sexually Intriguing Personality." What other women merely talk about've already done...and could easily write a book about (if you haven't already done so). You are the only sign in the entire Sensual Zodiac who can be a great match for any of the other signs. 

You truly have a gift for getting along with anyone.
Being around you is never boring. Spontaneity is your personal signature. If your brand of sex appeal was bottled as a perfume, it might be called "Unforgettable." Why? Because it's what you are. 

And here's another interesting fact about you...
You were never intended for the ordinary life. Your appetite for novelty, change and adventure keeps you moving at a breakneck pace. Freedom is your personal mission statement. 

What attracts a Sensual Gemini woman?
Words are your mental aphrodisiac. You fall in love in your mind first and then your heart soon follows. Any lover who wants to attract and hold your attention must be a great conversationalist. Interesting is more important to you than looks will ever be. You want to live, breathe and exist on a consistent diet of sensual mental stimulation. Passionate mental foreplay is the fastest way to your bedroom door. 

Sexually you are magnificent
When you make love, it's as if you fall into a trance. Your responsiveness is electric. One passionate kiss on the back of your knees melts you like butter and you begin to sizzle like a hot tamale.

How to seduce you?
 The key that unlocks your sensual door is found hidden deep within your own sexual curiosity. For the Sensual Gemini woman, it's what opens the door and unlocks her imagination. Just the very thought of new discovery, a unique experience, something unnamed and something untamed... and you melt like ice in the hot summer sun. 

Best Passion Product for you:  "Ride 'Em Cowgirl!"
 Why? Because this sensual, sex education book will lead to some provocative conversation, get your blood flowing, stimulate your imagination and add spice and novelty to any relationship.

Sex Secrets of the Sensual Gemini Man
Ultimate Sensual Gemini Celebrity: Johnny Depp

Who is the Sensual Gemini man?
He enters your life with a great sense of confidence and power. He wears his calm and self-assurance easily and comfortably... like other men wear cologne. He is irresistible, independent, enigmatic as well as a roguish romantic who has a PhD in flirting.He is the perfect combination of boyish charm meets masculine confidence. He's the eternal Peter Pan. His personality is playful and yet he has a serious core. He is the ultimate paradox because of his ability to be disciplined without being rigid. He loves spontaneity, yet craves structure. He easily excels in business by being clever and tactful in negotiations and yet he is willing to spend large amounts of money in to finance his personal pursuits of novelty experiences or new forms of excitement.

Here's the secret of his sexual power:
He is a master with words. He uses his verbal skills to create a subtle intoxication that very few women can resist. He knows (and uses) the right words at the right time to disarm and charm any woman. You can expect to be swept off your feet, dazzled by his wit, and wooed by soft sweet promises, that pour from his lips like wine or honey.

What attracts a Sensual Gemini?
 You must now and forever give him stimulating conversation. In order for a Sensual Gemini to truly fall in love, there must be a seamless blending of spiritual, mental and physical. When all these forces line up together, your Sensual Gemini will take you on a wild ride through a landscape of ripe emotions.

How to attract and keep a Sensual Gemini Man:
 If you think hot sex will do it, think again. Your Sensual Gemini is comfortable with the art of making love without being in love. Good sex is great and yet it's not enough. Stimulate his imagination, engage his intellect and arouse his curiosity. 

Three Rules For Keeping His Romantic Interest

  1. Forget routines (routines are boring and boring is NOT allowed)
  2. Don't suffocate him (Freedom + Adventure = Eternal Happiness)
  3. Constantly challenge his mind.
His deepest desire is...
Your undying admiration. To a Sensual Gemini - admiration is a drug. When he wakes up in the morning he wants to find you gazing at him with wide luminous eyes as if he was the only man on earth. 

How to seduce your Sensual Gemini man:
 Excitement, surprises, novelty, variety, multiple orgasms and Tantric. And, yet above all there is one thing this guy's passionate about, and that is being entertained. For him, entertainment means to be challenged and to be kept guessing. Anything that arouses his curiosity is considered entertainment. 

Best Passion Product for the Sensual Scorpio man:
"Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex"
The Sensual Gemini man likes to keep up on the latest techniques. He will be intrigued and excited to try out a new position every night of the week. Remember, novelty is the key to arousing his sexual excitement.

(Excerpted from "Your Sensual Zodiac" by Suzie Johnson)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Your Sensual Zodiac - April 19 - May 19 Taurus

Sensual Zodiac
April 19 - May 19
You were born on the most important day of the year! Sensual Zodiac reveals hidden influences about your arousal, your sexuality and your foreplay preferences. These astrological insights give you a richer, deeper understand of your sexual nature. Discover new intimate secrets about yourself as well as find the keys to your sexual happiness.

Zodiac Secrets of the Sensual Taurus Woman

You are among the people most likely to:
Cuddle after sex. Sensual Taurus lovers are the most touchy-feely people in the Sensual Zodiac.

Here's a shocking sex secret about you...
Your skin is your sexual spark plug. All it takes is one touch, one kiss or one timely stroke from the right hands to set you ablaze. You crave touch, affection and tenderness almost as much as others crave a certain food. In fact, you can practically live off a bear hug for a year; and when it comes to romance, it's all about physical contact and connection for you. 

Passionate, Sentimental and Affectionate
You laugh as you live, openly and freely. Your feelings are your traveling companion. You can play any role you choose: run a business, paint a masterpiece, prepare amazing cuisine, tend to your garden or nurture your children. You have an uncalculated spontaneity and childlike wonder that makes life with you an exciting feast for the senses.

As a lover, you are pure sensuality
Men rotate around you like the planets orbit the sun. In soft light you are achingly beautiful and in vivid colors you sparkle like a jewel. If your sex appeal was a perfume, it would be called "Ambrosia." Why? Because when you are in love, you blossom like a flower and ooze sensuality, trailing your sensuous fragrance behind you like a bewitching scent.

How to seduce you?
 Touch is a must. Sexually you are turned on by unabashed affection. You like your appetites aroused slowly. But once your desire rises, it can rage all night - like a wild storm. You like to be caressed with strong passionate strokes and have endless hot kisses sprinkled across your skin like warm raindrops. Your lover should treat you with the utmost delicacy and not be afraid to feast on you like a rich dessert.Inside you know you are unique. So you may want to challenge yourself to resist the urge to fit in. All the curtains and doors in your life are all of your own making. Feel free to open them up and let loose. Go ahead and add even more color to your life, infuse more richness, more texture, and vibrancy - because you are a Sensual Taurus goddess who was born to stand out. 

Best Passion Product for you:  Passion Power - Cotton Candy or Chocolate Raspberry
Why? Because wearing this tasty treat turns you into a sensational dessert for your lover. He can savor, lick, nibble and enjoy you for hours. You will love being the object of his ravenous attentions. Plus the velvety feel of the feather tickler across your skin will ignite the flames of your sexual desires. Be adventurous and mix the two flavors all over your body for an indulgent treat your lover will enjoy for hours. 
1. Begin the evening with a long hot bath. Then towel yourself completely dry.
2. Present yourself naked and invite your lover to blindfold you.
3. Next, have him take his time sprinkling his favorite flavor of Passion Powder on you and spreading it all over your body using the soft feather tickler.
4. After he has given you ample feather play, allow him to taste and lick off the Passion Powder in a way that you both enjoy.

Sex Secrets of the Sensual Taurus Man
Ultimate Sensual Taurus Celebrity: George Clooney 

Who is the Sensual Pisces man?The Sensual Taurus man is the real deal in a world of fakes.

Solid, Hearty, Strong and Eternally Male
He's a man who is talented and constantly inspired to love. He has a kind, patient, complex personality along with a heart that's pure gold. His brain calculates things lightening fast but he is almost always slow and cautious with his decisions. He's a powerful man of passion and intellect, a good provider, a sensual lover and lifelong friend, all of which add up to one fact: He's a prize catch.

And when he falls in love, he goes deep.
You won't experience a hit and run romance with this guy. If the connection is real, you can expect a love of rare depth. He is loyal, romantic and dependable. 

His secret desire...
A life of rich sensuality. He wants it all: family, food, passion and the eternal rapture of romance. The Sensual Taurus man craves warmth; he wants to touch and be touched. He longs to court you, make love to you in the warm summer rain, romance you, inhale your scent, walk with you in soft meadows, hold your hand, stroll along the beach, embrace you, kiss your soft lips and discover all of your most intimate secrets. When he makes love, it's more than's a spiritual awakening.As a lover he is armed and dangerous. He understands the secret language of touch, so don't rush him. He has a large earthy appetite and likes to take his time to savor every delicious drop of sensuality. He knows how to use his hands, his lips and his voice to melt away your inhibitions, dissolve your shyness and send your pulse racing like the wind. He's a smoky, husky, lover that will thrill your soul and delight your senses. 

How to seduce your Sensual Taurus man:
Sensuous scents are a guaranteed direct path to his arousal. For him, the scent of a woman or natural essences like plumeria and honeysuckle are much more exciting than sexy movies. So be sure to scent his sheets and your body whenever you want to evoke his sensual side.And no matter what else you do, be sure to include sensual finger foods. His taste buds are extremely sensitive and sweet. Tasty treats like fresh cream, molten chocolate, ripe sweet melons, wild juicy strawberries and rich souffles act like a burning match for the fuel of his arousal.

Here's another secret to remember...
Wear bold colors - deep reds, blazing burgundy, hot pinks. It will stir his blood and fire up his imagination. Like a typical bull, he responds to color. 

Best Passion Product for the Sensual Taurus man:  Passion Massage Lotion

Why? Because a sensual erotic massage will start a bonfire in the bedroom. This man loves to be touched. So massage him with this passion massage lotion. Don't hold back. Let your hands roam. Take your time as you stroke and caress his body rhythmically, slowly and sensually. Light candles, play soft music and let him get totally relaxed and totally aroused.

(Excerpted from "Your Sensual Zodiac" by Suzie Johnson)

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20 Things Guys Should Never Tell Their Girlfriends

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Kids may say the darnedest things, but guys? Guys are often worse.
I'm not sure if it's a tact gene that's missing from the Y chromosome, but most dudes I know are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to saying the wrong thing.

So guys, listen up: Here are a bunch of things you should NEVER say to your girlfriend.

1) "You're not the prettiest girl I've dated." So what if it's true? You may not be the hottest guy WE'VE dated, but we're not about to SAY so.
2) "You look like my ex." No one wants to be compared to an ex -- unless the ex is a model.
3) "You'd look better if [insert physical characteristic here]." Guys? We don't need to be told we should improve how we look. End of story.
4) "That waitress/chick at the bar is hot!" We get it -- other chicks are hot. We also have eyeballs to see for ourselves.
5) "My mom thinks you should [insert behavior change here]." We like that you've got a good relationship with your mom and all, but we don't need to hear what she thinks we need to improve.
6) "Your sister is a bitch." Hey, we're tight with our family -- family is off-limits. End of story.
7) "If you REALLY loved me, you'd [insert weird sex act here]." Guys, if you really loved US, you wouldn't say that kind of thing.
8) "Wow, you're a lot like your Mom." We may love our mother dearly -- but every girl has a secret fear of turning into her.
9) "I don't want to have sex tonight." It's a double-standard, we know, but it hurts our feelings to hear.
10) "We should go on a diet." We don't need you to remind us we need to drop a few pounds.
11) "Let's have a threesome with your best friend -- she's hot." Just, no.
12) "This one time I [incredibly long, detailed story about a sexual encounter]." We know you've had sex before us -- but we don't need it rubbed in our face.
13) "You're being too emotional." Guys, that's what we DO! We're emotional creatures! Leave us to it!
14) "There's no way that small shirt is gonna fit you." We don't need fashion advice from you, Mr. Potbelly.
15) "C'mon, I hate using condoms." Safe sex is where it's at -- you don't like it? There's the door.
16) "What's your (sex) number?" Not your business, thankyouverymuch.

17) "You're overreacting." Trust us, we'll figure it out. Just let us vent.
18) "Is it 'that time of the month'? Because you're being a bitch." Guys, don't assume we're crabby because we're on our periods.
19) "You look really different in the mornings." Okay, so we don't wake up freshly showered with a full face of makeup. Sue us.
20) "It's a guy thing. You wouldn't understand." Actually, we probably do understand ... that you're a douche-bag.